How do I Install Setup the TP-Link Router TD-W8910G?

The configuration and the Installation method of the TD-W8910G Router are very reliable and easy to access by the user. TP-Link WiFi setup used the system administration equipment all over the world. It provides numerous variety of organizing equipment like Modem, routers and extender. is the official web address to access the TP-Link, if you are not able to access the TP-Link WiFi with the web address you can also log in with default IP address and When the user want to access the TP-Link WiFi firstly user needs to enter the Username and Password.

TP-Link TD-W8910G

Steps to Setup and Install TP-Link TD-W8910G Router (

  • In the foremost case, you will need to connect the router properly into the power socket.
  • Connect the router with the computer device by using the Ethernet cable and the ISP modem.
  • Plug-In the computer device then wait for the rebooting process.
  • Here the WiFi network shows on the screen then connects with the WiFi connection.
  • The username and the secret phrase would be given under the, take a fowl at it and put them in the login credentials box.
  • After it gets associates, search for the Web Browser and open it.
  • Enter the URL or and press Enter.
    NOTE: When it request for the login arrangement credentials, embed the ones that are given under the router.
  • After you sign in, there would be a Quick Setup Guide of the on the screen. Click on the Next to continue with the Setup.
  • In the wake of tapping the Next symbol, you will be posed different inquiries and options, answer them all and continue further.
  • It will currently request for a SSID Name. This is the name of the WiFi organizes. Enter anything you want the name.
Reset of TP-Link router

How do I change the  Reset the TP-Link TD-W8910G Router factory Default Settings?

There are other options referenced advances that can enable you to reset your device to move it back to its factory default settings. This is the best way to recover your router to its default settings by and by and to fix the present issue. Remember that by resetting the device, you will lose every one of the settings and capabilities set by you. Indeed, even your system devices separates from the system if you have chosen to reset the device. Hard Reset method

  • With the serviced on, just press and hold the reset button, for around  10 seconds.
  • Check the LED light if they show active fire and, at that point moderate light.
  • Now, discharge the Reset button and trust that the router will reboot to its default manufacturing factory default settings.

How do I change a TP-Link TD-W8910G Wireless Password?

  • Firstly user needs to connect the router to the internet browser and access the login page. If you are not able to access the router with the web address you can also browse the page with IP address.
  • The login tab appears on the screen where you can enter the Username and Password to access the
  • Then click on the Wireless Security option appear on the left side of the page.
  • See the bottom of the page then scroll down the window and check the Security type.
  • In the password field type the new password here.
  • After typing the Password save the system settings and click OK.
  • The column of the options box will appear on the screen here click the System Tool option.
  • Click on the Reboot button from the system tool option.
  • Lastly, Click to the OK button it will reboot the router and now you can access your with the new password

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